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Elk Wide Stretch Dress Metallic

Price: $180.00



Discover a sparkly update to our best-selling Wide Stretch Dress in a beautiful new glitter weave fabrication. This design is an ELK wardrobe staple with endless styling options, as well as being incredibly comfortable and flattering thanks to the relaxed, drapey fit. Whether you are wearing this as a standalone piece with relaxed sneakers or stylish ankle boots, or dressing it up with sandals and tonal layers, you will soon discover why this style has become an ELK favourite.

57% Polyamide, 35% Lurex, 8% Elastane

This relaxed and comfortable silhouette of this dress have ensured its place as an ELK best-seller. The key measurements to check are the sleeve, neck, opening and overall length, with the main body intended to fit generously and drape over the body – an ideal piece for layering.

Approximate sleeve length measurements:
S/M: 9.5 cm
M/L: 10.1 cm

Approximate sleeve opening measurements:
S/M: 10 cm
M/L: 10 cm

Approximate neck measurements:
S/M: 20 cm
M/L: 20.6 cm

Approximate length measurement:
S/M: 90 cm
M/L: 90.6 cm

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