Welcome to Peonies, where creativity meets comfort and style harmonises with function.

Step into a world of curated aesthetics and expertly designed spaces, where every corner tells a unique story. Our store is more than just a collection of furnishings; it’s an immersive experience crafted to inspire and transform your living spaces.

With an array of carefully selected pieces, ranging from timeless European pieces hand picked in Europe and shipped to New Zealand to modern. We invite you to explore a realm of possibilities and discover the perfect elements to elevate your home. Whether you seek a cozy sanctuary, a modern masterpiece, or a blend of both, Di, the owner, is here to guide you on your journey to interior excellence. Step inside and let your imagination soar. Welcome to a world of exceptional design.

Talk to Di now. Email or call 027 254 5542

She can help with curtains, blinds, shutters, colour selection, room design, soft furnishings, wallpaper. Bespoke furniture pieces.